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The railway station board is designed and put up for high visibility and gets more attention.

Station Announcement

Announcement is for 15-30sec which is played for more than 70-80times a day.

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“Crescent Ads” is been into Railway advertising since last 12 years. We got sole right tender from SVJR/MVL section tender duration in five years. More than 25+ clients we have for Railway Advertising.

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Why Choose Us

The Indian railway of the country is the lifeline for every individual. Daily more than thousands of travelers depend on railways for their work or to travel. The importance of railway transport cannot be ignored. Railway station advertising is one of the oldest advertising modes. Railway boards today help to gain maximum reach and visibility for advertisement.

Maximum Reach

Platform ads can be assured to reach a maximum number of audiences at once. Railway station football has many business people, homemakers, children, office professionals to travelers. Station Boards cover the widest distance which can also ensure the message should be reached to the audience through communication to different areas.

Attention Seeker

Waiting time for the arrival of trains at the railway station or during mega blocks, gives the audience time to look around. This free time which people get at the station , the advertisement can pitch their product or service through attention. The travelers can open and be calm to communicate during a well time or the time they are traveling.


Railway station boards are the most effective way of advertising due to which one can reach directly to the target audience at one time to many people. Railway board advertising can fit any advertisement according to the budget and can be helpful to reach to many people at a time.


The railway station board is designed and put up for high visibility and gets more attention. Railway board advertisement is run 24x7 and 365 days, unlike different other advertising mediums.